Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Frogged Kim

More frogged Kim

Guess who finally sucked it up and did it? Yes, the Shapely Tank with the flippity flip has been frogged. The flippity flip was not nice. In fact it drove me mental. But now I have 7 intact balls of Filates Kim that I can knit with again and this yarn looks good. Man oh man does it hold up to frogging well.

(And guess who FINALLY figured out what the macro function on the camera is for? Oh shush. I can hear the chorus of duhhs from here.)

I spent the rest of my fiber-related day knitting a little more on the shawl and spinning. The shawl looks the same, maybe a little bigger.

Spinning Corriedale

This is the Corriedale top that I bought from Sun Bench Fibres. It's the red top by Ashland Bay Trading Co. And it is ridiculously easy to spin. Honestly, all I have to do is split it into strips, adjust the tension on the wheel to pull in a bit, and I just sit there and let the fibre go in. (Okay so I might have to do a little bit of fibre manipulation, but it really is ridiculously easy to spin.)

Yesterday evening we went out for a bit of a drive. We went to Westham Island in Ladner. We were right outside the doors to the
George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary but it was closed (and now that I look at the pictures, I really want to go back). So while the car nerds explored the island to take pictures, I knit a bit and I walked. I found some sheep [insert tacky joke about wool and homing instincts]. And the owners of the sheep had some honey for sale.

Mmmm... honey.....

On the right is the alfalfa honey and on the left is the blueberry/raspberry. While the blueberry/raspberry sounded delish, I found that I preferred the alfalfa. There's something about it that's a little bit more rustic. The blueberry/raspberry does taste like it's perfect for tea though. Yum.
Speaking of which...

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