Friday, June 09, 2006

I dyed! I dyed!

For the first time! I dyed wool! Some natural coloured Perendale roving I had lying around? I dyed it! See?

Koolaid dyed Perendale roving

It's dyed with Koolaid. Ice blue and lime something or other. The apartment smells like candy. I was so excited that when I went to work, I went to Safeway on my break. Luckily, they have Koolaid on sale right now. 5 packets for a dollar. I bought 15 packets. The cashier looked at them and asked me if they were any good. I told her that I didn't know but I wasn't planning on eating them. I was planning to dye wool with them. She gave me a look but was gracious and didn't ask. ;)

I placed an order for four more pounds of wool. I can't wait til it gets here!


Trillian42 said...

Pretty! Can't wait to see how it spins up!

Stefaneener said...

Oh boy. Now, when you do that magic thing and spin it, it will be so cool. I can't wait to see it worked up.

And that cashier -- bring 'em in when they're yarn and show her. You can take over the world, one cashier at a time.

Kelly said...

It's looks marvelous! I have yet to try dying, I really have to give it a shot, especially with kool aid, it's so cheap, and you can definitely get beautiful results.

Zonda said...

Very nice colors!! Great job! Yeah I bet it'll be even better spun!! Yes it is addicting...I can attest to that! :)