Monday, June 05, 2006


That which needs to be frogged

In order to get my mind off of that which needs to be frogged a.k.a. the Shapely Tank that likes to flippity flip flip (shown sitting looking innocently above, though undoubtedly plotting it's next rebellion), I've started something new.

IK Paisley lace shawl

It's the Paisley Lace Shawl from the Spring 2005 Interweave Knits. The circular beginning is looking like I fudged it and that's probably because I did. Eric will tell you that while I'm a Type A knitter, I am not necessarily a Type A overall. I couldn't find my crochet hooks so I did it with my knitting needles. Necessity is the mother of invention after all. I've already got the pattern repeat memorised so this is perfect bus knitting.

I must have eaten a million baby carrots this morning and I'm still hungry.

*goes off in search of food*

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