Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Not by my knitting though. I guess I just haven't had the material or drive to post here lately. But Eric's been nagging (unbelievable to me since I would have thought that he'd get enough of my knitting at home, never mind reading about it when I'm not here...) and I do have some things to post about.

As of the last post, I had nothing on the needles. I started another pair of Jaywalkers but I really wasn't having fun with the pattern. So I ripped it out... and promptly cast on for something new.

Wendy at Knit and Tonic is inspiring. I loved the idea of her dream headband thing. But I wasn't crazy about the stitch pattern. It looked wider than I wanted. So I grabbed a stitch pattern from one of Barbara Walker's stitch treasuries and went at it.

Here's the headband in action... It works! Yay! (Excuse the redness of the picture. I look like a lobster, but I assure you I'm not.)

Headband in action

And a poor attempt at a picture of the stitch pattern:

Head wrap thing

Pattern: My own
Yarn: 1 skein Bernat Handicrafter Cotton
Needles: Sz 5 Denise Interchangables

As mentioned, the stitch pattern was lifted from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury. I started with 4 sts and increased to 10 (I think?). It was super easy. Completely brainless. A one skein project. And I liked the colour of the yarn. However I was not aware that the colours BLEED LIKE MAD. Note to self: wind the yarn into a hank before knitting and soak in vinegar next time. Grrr....

Apparently when I have nothing on the needles, I feel a need to overcompensate. I didn't like the Jaywalkers I was knitting up so I decided I really just wanted to make ankle socks. I'm almost done the first. I was tempted not to post a picture, but I realised the yarn eating aloe vera (featured previously
here) had gotten ahold of it so....

Sock in progress

I've also started
Eunny's Print 'o the Wave Stole. It's being worked up in Zephyr. And I love it. The pattern's starting to get boring but it's so soft and light that I don't care.

Print 'o the wave stole

I have one last WIP. This is the one that's really making me antsy though. Meet the shapely tank.

Shapely tank in progress

Do you see what's causing me concern? Yep, it's the little bit of flippity flippiness at the bottom. The garter stitch hem and the short rowing at the bottom are clashing. Am I deluding myself into thinking that it will straighten itself out after I seam? Good lord just saying that makes me think I'm crazy. I think I'm hyperventilating....

Given that my knitting has been making me anxious, I have been turning to spinning.

Handspun - mystery wool

Ahhh.... pretty.... Air in... Air out.... Deeeeep breaths. I want more of this wool. But I don't even remember where I got it.



Trillian42 said...

The headband looks super cute! Ah, for the days when I had hair. =)

I'll be interested to see what happens with the Shapely Tank. Seaming may very well help that, but I don't know for sure, since I've never made it.

And the pink wool you spun is very very pretty!

Stefaneener said...

Nice headband! So what do you think you'll do with the tank? It would be horrible to frog it. . . what about that elastic thread? I keep meaning to do that on an old acrylic cardi for Thing 2. Instead, I just let it flip.