Saturday, March 31, 2007


I can't believe that it's been 2 months. 2 months? Really? (Warning: This post has very little knitting content. Check back next time for fibre-y goodness.)

The crazy thing is that an amazing amount of things can happen in 2 months. The new job and the visit by a special person took up most of my time and energy. But shall we start at the beginning?

I guess the first thing that happened was that I went for an interview for a Teaching Assistant position. 3 hours after my interview, I got the job offer. So I've been working part-time at an international school here since the second week of February. It's made me feel so much more focused and much happier. I'm trying to decide between a couple of offers doing something similar or teaching for next year. I'm working with 3 year olds and I love them. I haven't felt so satisfied in a long time.

And in March, Eric came over again for a visit. He kept busy while I was at work (or sleeping, as the case may be). I think the photo set kind of speaks for itself.

Eric left on Tuesday. And I've been keeping myself busy since. I've been watching downloaded TV episodes and knitting like a madwoman. I am thisclose to finishing a sweater. Yay!

I somehow ended up looking through myspace (I know! I know!) and looking at what some of the people I used to spend time with in Vancouver are doing now. And I was somewhat shocked to see that they're still in the same places in lives. The locations may have changed (though mostly they haven't), but the lives that they live are still the same. I feel so different though. My own apartment (that's not a ghetto basement suite), a real job, nice new dishes. I feel so much more grown up now. And I have to say that moving to China was the big turning point.

But that's enough sobriety. I'm going to try and get a knitting update in tomorrow. I do actually have knitting to update you with. I have personal emails to get to as well. Expect something soon.