Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My knitting is taking cues from Eric

Presenting my newest FO. Something I've been procrastinating about for the longest time.

Baby Bobbi Bear

Pattern: Blue Sky Alpacas Baby Bobbi Bear.
Yarn: Bernat Berella 4, some shade of brown.
Needles: I honestly cannot remember. (It's been a while since the knitting was finished. I was avoiding the finishing.)

I think this pattern is adorable, though he's looking a little thin. My fault, not the pattern's. I was worried about overstuffing him so what do I do instead? Make him too skinny. I like him though.

The only gripe I really have (after all, there wasn't a lot of sewing so I can't gripe about that) is that the ears and the face tormented me. "Sew on ears?" How? I am a dolt with a needle and thread. "Embroider face." Good lord where the heck do I put the eyes? Does the nose look right? No. It looks too big. I think I'm pretty happy with it though. It's cute and I would make another. Just not now.

With all the time that the bear has spent in this apartment he's picked up a few bad habits. He likes to sit on the couch and watch TV like I do. Fair enough. No harm done. But like Eric, he enjoys stealing my junk food. I caught him with my fruit pastilles minutes after his eyes were sewn on. The little thief.

Stolen fruit pastilles

A question for those of you who have done this pattern. Did you block the bear? When? Mine's looking a little lumpy. Do you think a bath would help?


Rain said...

He's really cute and I htink hje looks just about right on the stuffing. A good battering about should make him less lumpy and make his innards behave.

Trillian42 said...

He's so cute!!!!

I had the smae problem trying to figure out where the eyes go, and how to do the nose. I think that's the interesting thing about them - they all look a little different because everyone's eyes and nose are unique.

rose said...

The bear is cute :)
I agree with Trillian, the nose and eyes placement makes the bear unique.

MBT said...

So cute! I don't think he looks emaciated - one of the joys of this bear is that he looks pretty good no matter what you do to him!

Karen said...

Oh my he's a cutie!

Stefaneener said...

He looks nice and squishy -- just like a comfy bear should look. What's he stuffed with? And despite your angst, his face is dear. You did great with the needles.

jen said...

It's darling, no matter what you say!

The face is perfect, and he's quite adorable.

(When I wrote the above, for some reason I thought of your friend's snake trying to constrict the poor little bear to death)

Pyewacket said...

Tsk. With habits like that, he'll look over-stuffed soon enough. ;-) He's very cute!

Jacquie said...

What a perfect little bear!

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