Friday, May 12, 2006

Things that get done when you're sick

I'm sick, sick, sick, sick, sick. But I'm still going into work today. Partly because I can't afford to miss it and partly because everyone at work is sick anyways.

However, yesterday I got a whole day off. Apart from the time spent getting my hair cut. Today I'm finding that my fringe is a little short, but how glad am I that I can go without combing my hair again? My ends were so dry and damaged before that I was forced to comb my hair. I am the epitome of low maintenance. I don't like combing my hair. My hair doesn't usually tangle. But it was starting to. You have no idea the troubles I had to go through to find a comb in here...

But what did I do with my day off then? I started knitting a sock. But I think the pattern is one of those that will sag. So it's getting ripped out. Eric's suggested I do another pair of Jaywalkers. And I think I might. Because as much as I complained about them before, the non-sagginess of the pattern is fantastic. Love it. (Side note: Oh man, oh man... Did you know that apparently the first thing that the spell-check pulls up when you put in sagginess is shagginess? Guess where my potty mind is going with that one...)

I also got some spinning done.

Handspun hank

This is about 147 metres of what looks like sport weight handspun. The colourful ply was some Blue Faced Leicester dyed up by the lovely and talented Danielle. It's her graffiti colourway, which is magnificent. I wanted to ply it for the thickness, but I didn't want to lose the colour, so I plied it with some dyed black wool. Danielle's roving was split, but I wanted longer colour repeats as I couldn't decide if I was going to navajo ply it or not, so the roving I started spinning with was considerably thicker than the yarn I wanted to come out of it. I think this will have fairly long colour repeats when it's knit up. I have no idea what I will make with it though. I'm open to suggestions!

I've also been tagged for a meme. This is momentous. This is my first meme. This means someone cares enough to want to know what I think! Thanks Pam! You're a sweetie.

1)What's your favorite LYS?: The Knit and Stitch Shoppe in West Vancouver just barely edged out the others.

2)What about it do you like most?: It's got a HUGE selection. It's the only LYS in the Lower Mainland at the moment that carries (be still my beating heart) Koigu! However, I found it a bit of a PITA to get to. West Van just seems so much farther than anywhere else, even if it takes the same amount of time to get there...

3)What is your 2nd favorite?: Birkeland Brothers

4)What would you improve about it to make it a tie with your first?: A larger selection of yarn maybe? But these guys are the wool mecca. Want some roving? There's nowhere else in Vancouver to go for it. Plus this is where I took my spinning lessons.

5)What's the last thing your bought at your #1 LYS?: See this post.

6)Who's Next?: How about Stefaneer? I want to know more about you, lady! Kelly, I'm interested to see what you think. Ditto Danielle.


Gaile said...

I'm in the Vancouver area too! (and thanks, I didn't know Knit and Stitch carried Koigu) Love the yarn you made, it's beautiful.

jen said...

That yarn is gorgeous! Make something with it - I can't wait to see how it knits up!

Funny thing, those Jaywalkers, huh? I had no fun knitting mine either, but you're right - the nonsagginess holds all the appeal.

Stefaneener said...

So sorry you're sick! Maybe the yarn will make you feel better. It looks great.

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Hope you feel better!
I pm'd you on the knittyboards about a swap for your Jaeger - check it out & email me back!


Take care,

Areli said...

Your handspun looks great.

And I am so excited to know Knit and Stich carries Koigu. Sounds like I will be planning a little day trip.