Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Crunchygranola! You rule!

My SP6 reveal package came in the mail today! My SP has truly outdone herself. She did such an amazing job putting my reveal package together I was flabbergasted. I felt like my last package to my downstream, Trillian, was soooo lame. Even Eric had fun looking at everything she put together. His words? "She did an awesome job putting this package together."

Knowing that this was the last one, I decided instead of ripping into it like I normally do (guess who was the kid who tore though Christmas presents... all of them... in 2 minutes... three days before Christmas...), I decided I really needed to document it. Because it was that amazing.

This is the first thing I saw when I opened the package.

SP6-first glance

I nearly peed myself. This is a pretty sight. This is a lady I need to take lessons from. First thought? "That pink flowery print is awesome. I wonder where she got that pape...... OMFG it'sabagit'sabagit'sabag!" (Anyone who knows me knows that I really do talk that fast when I'm excited.)

I'm a good girl. I respect orders. So I open the envelope marked, "The plot thickens (start here)". What do I see?

SP6-Clever clue

This is where the orangutan in me comes out. "Hmmm... Is that a f-ing oat? HUH?" *grunts* "Where's the inside of the card?" *flips card over... and over again... and over again* (NB: The card is essentially 2-D, a card. There are only 2 sides. Flipping it over repeatedly will not change that fact.)

Confused, I move on the the rest of the package. I lift the awesome bag up and the 2-year-old that couldn't wait for Christmas comes out. The package was filled with amazing little notes. They were so beautifully made. I think this was the part of the package that Eric got really stoked about - the amazing presentation.

SP6-The haul

On the left, you see the card created above. There's also a handful of little clues made with cardboard and some origami paper. In front of the notes are a chibi in one of my favourite colours - blue! The two yummy (and HUGE) hanks of yarn are Colinette Prism in Raspberry. This stuff is beautiful. It's soft and the colours are just so perfect! The bag is at the very back and on top of the bag are an adorable ID holder (with the phrase, "of course it buys happiness," written on it that will see much use) and an Edward Gorey book (I adore Gorey. I've even saved a Gorey calendar from 2004 that I had, and an Edward Gorey book is one of the gifts I've give Eric over the years). To top all that off, on the bottom there's a box of dark (72% cocoa) chocolate pastilles and a sachet of lavender. There was also an amazing note, with my pal's identity hidden in an envelope.

Thank you so much crunchygranola! You have been such a great SP. Your packages have all been perfect and I am really floored by this last one!

SP6-That sweet sweet bag

While I'm on the 'thank you' train of thought, a big thank you needs to go the way of bryghtrose. We did a trade a little while back and she was awesome enough to send an extra little package my way after the trade. It's a ball of Zephyr. Mmmmm... laceweight goodness. And a gorgeous card. (Sorry about the photo - the yarn was blurry but the card was in focus. It was either/or. I went with the card being the focal point. Because it's those extras that make the package.) Thank you so much! People like you are why I enjoy swapping. Someone you have fun shopping for little extras for and great at the whole communication thing.

Thanks Rose

Today was a blissful mail day. All that and the box from elann that came yesterday. *swoon*

I'm going to roll around in yarn eating chocolate and reading Gorey now. Thank you both!


Trillian42 said...

Yay! I'm so glad you were getting spoiled, because you did an AWESOME job of spoiling me! (And no, my last package was _not_ lame!)

Stefaneener said...

That looks like a LOT of fun.

jen said...

Wow... That is one well-thought-out package. You're a lucky girl!