Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What to do when a lack of inspiration hits

When you've got nothing on the needles and nothing in the stash is screaming out to you (perhaps because you feel the need to make something largish), what is there to do but go and buy some inspiration. And when you have store credit for Knit and Stitch in West Vancouver, where else would you go?

Without further ado, I introduce you to the additions to the stash.


On the left is Kim by Filates. I was going shopping for yarn for the Nicole pattern from White Lies Designs. My criteria? It needed to be something breathable like cotton, but lighter. This is an acrylic/cotton blend that's light also because of the way it's constructed - it looks like it's chained.

On the bottom right is some Koigu - the first I've ever seen in person. I realise that it's not enough for a largish project like I was looking for, but it was my Koigu. I'm lucky to have left with less than the whole store's inventory. The colours are amazing.

And on the top right is more sock yarn I didn't need. It was on sale though. Sweetness.

Another Koigu shot because I'm enamoured with it:


The Nicole in Kim has been started. And I'm still liking the cotton. I never thought I'd say that. Me liking cotton.

Today's post has been brought to you by the letter B and the number 9. The soundtrack was the copy of John Legend's new one that I stole from my bro, yo. It's a good one. Though Eric has been warned that blaming infidelity on his ... unit ... rather than his heart (a la Kanye on "Number One") will get his butt kicked.


Rose said...

Nice koigu. The top should be good. I can't wait to see it.

Trillian42 said...

The Koigu is gorgeous! I pet the stuff constantly when I'm in the store. It's a very dangerous thing.

Can't wait to see the top you are working on - the colors are lovely!

Karen said...

Mmmmm....Koigu. :)