Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Two week trip away!

Mmmm... I'm going to Hong Kong soon. I need to go back so I don't lose my permanent residency but I'm stoked. I'll hopefully be able to catch a punk rock show when I get back there and I'll be able to procure some Asian punk music. And I've heard rumours that Noro is cheaper there... (if anyone could confirm that rumour that would be rad!)

I was going to post pictures of sock yarn procured yesterday (I have a fixation with the word procure right now for some reason) but this bloody lab report is looming over my head... I'll show you all the Fleece Artist sock yarn I got later. ;)


Danielle said...

Hong Kong! That's awesome. It looks like such a neat city.

Fleece Artist sock yarn. Sounds yummy!

Zonda said...

Hi! So how long do you have to stay in Hong Kong to keep your status their?

I am waiting on fleece artist kaslan?? I didn't know they made sock yarn too. I got in at the very end of a coop buy. Waiting for it now.