Saturday, February 04, 2006

Knitting charms even the thuggiest of us all...

I had an incident on the bus yesterday. I was working on my Pretty Comfy Socks when three loud, obnoxious twenty-somethings got on the bus. They headed to the back of the bus where I was sitting. One of them started watching me knit, then started talking to me about my project. Another reached over to touch the sock in progress, and the original guy wanted to touch it too.

I like the idea that knitting can touch everyone from middle-aged women to young tough-guys. They started being obnoxious (it was a Friday night and I was getting off work), but I like to think that they enjoyed the knitting. SO thinks that they weren't interested in it. He thinks that they might have been interested in something else. I maintain that they were interested in the knitting. I was working with stretchy cotton for goodness sake!

A pic of the socks in progress:

2006 - Feb 3 003

Another WIP. Gotta love the magic of blocking. This isn't looking so hot right now. It's the Flickering Flames skirt from the previous post.

2006 - Feb 3 002


Stefaneener said...

I think stretchy cotton is enough to charm even the thuggiest of them all! And sock knitting just sends people, for some reason. All those needles make you look like a magician.

I can't wait to see the skirt blocked. It's a very pretty pattern.

Danielle said...

I'd be touching the socks too if I were them. I love the stretchy cotton, and that pattern looks yummy, not to mention that it's red! I don't know why, but red socks seem to be very appealing right now.