Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sick as a dog...

Gah. I had to call in sick for work today. It's too bad, since this is the casual job that nets me almost $20/hour. Think of the yarn that I could buy with that!

On a more positive note, it gives me time to watch the X-files while knitting some more on the Luna Flickering Flames Circular skirt, a free pattern from elann (I'm doing it in moonstone, for those who are curious). It looks terrible right now. Gotta love the magic of blocking. My faith is waning though. Must finish it soon!

I'm also spinning a little bit today. Turkish drop spindle, some dyed roving that I got from the LYS, and I'm aiming for a laceweight when plyed. It's ridiculously thin right now. But thankfully not so thin that it's truly *drop* spindling.

Need to get the camera up and working again. I can't find my surge protector, which is the only thing my camera's battery charger will plug into. Gotta go search...

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Stefaneener said...

The only thing good about being sick is having free knitting time. If you feel up for it, that is.

Enjoy, and I hope you're much better now.