Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A couple of stalls, progess, and just so you know, Danielle is amazing

I just want to start this one off with a big THANK YOU to Danielle. The woman's bloody amazing. She's got a heck of a to-do list. That Lacevember thing that she's co-hosting? Over 100 people. Yet it still comes into her mind to send over a Flickr Pro account? I bow to her wonderfluous amazingness (yes, I'm making up words to express how truly great she is).

So I played with Flickr last night and started putting things into sets. That pro account was great motivation for me to take a look and see what you can really do with flickr. And I put together this set today. From the trip to Xi'an I took last week. Jen, note that according to this site the Banpo Neolithic Village is about 6,000 years old and is a matriarchal community typical of Yangshao Culture (the Wikipedia entry is highly sparse). Does this fulfill the requirements of going to see a matriarchal community? I went. But they went years ago. (Bad joke, I know!)

On to knitting content, I'm stalled on a couple of things currently. The Kerry Blue Shawl is progressing...

Kerry Blue Shawl in progress

But it's also going to be too small if I knit the pattern as written and I think the lace will lose its impact if I just make it bigger. So that's in time out.

And the Somewhat Cowl (or what I like to call the bane of my existence).

Somewhat Cowl

That foldy bit by the armpit? Yeah, that's driving me crazy. It's there on the front and the back. It's driving me crazy. So I think it's going to end up sitting in the closet until I get the nerve to frog it. AGAIN.

But I did make some progress. Meet Hedera number 1.

Hedera in progress


bradyphrenia said...

i'm sorry that you're having so much trouble with your SWC. is it your first top-down raglan? maybe you need short-row shaping to make it fit if there are still too many raglan increases.

i like that all of your projects are similarly colored.

cathy said...

:( about the SWC...

I love how the kerry blue shawl is coming along.

Seeing the terracotta warriors must have been amazing, and the neolithic village... the picture of the horses is great.

So, do you want me to send you any roving?

Stefaneener said...

Ummm, that's rough. I always feel a little like I've decluttered if I frog something. But sometimes it has to wait. ..

Kerry blue looks nice.