Thursday, October 19, 2006

Reason # 167 why you should just take it one project at a time.

Because apparently if you have too many things going at once, you don't finish as fast and your gauge is apt to change.

And then you get this problem...

Problem detected.

Those are my socks. I didn't think it could happen, but it seems that my knitting has gotten even looser. Note where the toe decreases start on the finished sock. And then note that I've just started the toe decreases on the unfinished one. I think we have a problem.

What do I do? I'm drawn to the idea of frogging to the heel, then re-doing the foot. But do I try to knit tighter? Or do I hope and pray that I brought my 1.5mm DPNs? Yes, I do knit socks on 1.75mm DPNs. I'm a ridiculously loose knitter. And by that I mean that I knit loosely. ;)


rose said...

You knit more loosely than I do! I need you to come over here and convince my friends that's it's ok to knit Koigu on 2.5 mm and Lorna's Laces on 2mm!
I'd actually drop down for some other yarns, but I can't find 1.75 or smaller as circs.

Hopefully you'll find the right needles.

Stefaneener said...

No advice, just commiseration. I guess it's better to knit loosely than to wreck your hands fighting the yarn?

DeltaDawn said...

Howdy neighbor! You're "Previous" in the SpinKnitties blog ring I just got accepted into!

Nice sock yarn spaghetti - makes me cringe.