Saturday, October 14, 2006

Look!!! A post!

So before I begin, I figure I should probably apologise in advance for my terrible photography. Except for the picture of the pears. I kind of like that one. But the other ones? Not so hot. But darlings, when the urge to post hits and you have a track record like I do, you've got to take advantage while you can! So I'm sorry y'all! Y'all got your disclaimer there! (Eeee hee hee! I said y'all!)

I guess we'll start with the knitting today. Did you know that I'm a scatterbrain? Well I am. (I've also learned how to say that I'm really a scatterbrain in Chinese. What do they say about remembering phrases that you need to use more often?) I digress. I'm a scatterbrain. My darning needles, my stitch markers, my measuring tape, my scissors, basically everything I need, I've left in Hong Kong. Yes, I'm an idiot. So although I've finished a sleeve on the Somewhat Cowl (Squeeee!!! I finished a sleeve!), I can't even cut off the yarn. So we're temporarily stalled while I figure out how the heck I'm going to get my stuff back here. (Digression: I also left my student ID in Hong Kong. What were we saying about scatterbrains earlier?)

Ooooh!  Somewhat sleeve!

I'm extra happy that the sleeves done because I've knit the top part of it four times. Yes, my dears, four times. Despite the fact that I cast on the amount of stitches recommended for the smallest size (which I reassure you, I am NOT), despite cutting the raglan inseam short by a few inches, that armhole was still ridiculously BIG. But look at me now.

Look ma!  No baggy-gappyness!

I encourage you to jump up and down with me in my glee. Wanna see the underside of my sleeve? Of course you do! (Remember you already got my disclaimer warning you of bad pictures!)

Those underarm decreases

Yes, that is a mass of underarm decreases. I decreased a total of twenty-one stitches in 11 rows. Madness, I tell you! Madness! There's still the tiniest triangle of loose fabric, but I've HAD IT with the frogging that's been going on in the construction of this sweater so it stays!

Because I've been stalled on the sweater construction, I've been working on my socks.

Sock sock sock sock sock

I need to get these off the needles. It's started to get cold here and I think I need some mittens or gloves or something. Something nice and warm.

Funny thing about these socks is that Eric read my blog, saw the socks and commented on how cool they were. I think he said, "They're fair-isle!" Yes, it knocked me on my bum too. (I did admit to him that they were only the cheater's version of fair-isle socks, trust me.) Oddly enough, this isn't the first time I've knit with self-patterning yarns. But apparently this is the first pair that he's noticed. And he likes these. And 'wouldn't mind' a pair for himself. I don't think I have any more self-patterning yarn with me here so he might have to bring some when he visits. (I have images of him cramming yarn everywhere, kind of like a drug mule, but with wool. *cackle*)

And to close off a picture-heavy post, I thought another picture would be appropriate. ;) So here's a picture of the pears I was given the other day. Yum. (Beside them? Apples. Double yum.)



Stefaneener said...

that's a great armhole! Nice pears! Hope your brain comes back sometime soon. . . maybe it's with your notions?

bradyphrenia said...

ooh congrats on the swc progress. it must feel really good.

what yarn are those socks made from? i'm almost sure that i have the exact same yarn...

jen said...

Best armpit I've seen in a while.

Isn't it cute when the boys in our lives learn words like "fair isle"?

I realized this post rhymed, then I smiled.

rose said...

Whata lovely armpit :)

I'm feeling scatterbrained today, too. I left my ID at home, and I almost got on the wrong train.