Monday, August 21, 2006

We went out!

Seeing how I'm flying out on Saturday, Eric's taken this week off to spend time with me. (Awww!!! *swoon*)

Warning: Today's post is a lengthy-ish one, and mostly not fibre related. There's some fibre-related content at the very bottom though if you're desperate though. ;)

Today, we drove up to Whistler. And of course, when I say 'we', I mean 'he'. We stopped in Whistler Village, walked around and had a nice lunch. And we checked out the Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop, which is one of those places that I could drop a lot of money in. Me? Sweet tooth? Never.

Outside the Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop

I got a sweet haul too. I'd say that I was fairly restrained. I stayed away from most of the Cadbury because it was more expensive than I'm accustomed to paying in Hong Kong, and I'm going to Hong Kong in less than a week (it's my mini trip before the big Beijing trip). I could not resist the Jacobs Club Orange though.


I saw it, and the first thing that came to mind was
mikomiao (from Knittyboard). Why? Because she's lovely and RAK'd me with a book and a bar of the Jacobs Club Orange. Brought back memories of sneaking them out of the cupboards when I used to live in Hong Kong. And later on, I remember blowing the money earned from tutoring on snacks from Marks and Spencers. Also in the bag was some Pop Rocks for my sister, taffy on a stick and a Whatchamacallit. Yum!

Neither Eric nor I are big shoppers, so after wandering through Eric thought we ought to drive up to Pemberton. I fell asleep... (naturally... does anyone else have a HUGE problem falling asleep in moving cars? I know that's how my parents used to put me to bed when I was being a stubborn baby.) ...and when I woke up we were at a lake. We went outside to look around. I ate a Jacobs Club Orange... (BTW I'm really proud of what I named the photo in flickr. ;) )

Eric likes it when I pig out

And I pulled a face.

Somewhere between Whistler and Pemberton

Afterwards, we stopped by Squamish on the way home. I don't know if I've mentioned mentioned it before, but someone up there has the most genius idea. A yarn store and a little gelato place in one spot. The gelato place even serves soup! Unfortunately, there wasn't any yarn that called out to me, but some gelato did. Seriously the largest single cones I've ever seen.

Last but not least, I picked up my new spinning wheel! Ta da!


It's sweet. I've spun up and plied some more yarn but pictures will have to wait...

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jen said...

That's a beautiful wheel! I have a Lendrum, too, and I love it.

I can't believe you're leaving so soon.