Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Are you ready to go yet?

That's the phrase I've been hearing more and more often.

"Are you ready yet?"

"How's the packing going?"

In all honesty, it hasn't. Until today that is. I finally got my act together and started sorting through the clothes. I've got a nice pile of wintery things going in front of the telly and a few bags of things that either need to be thrown out or donated. But I'm somewhat at a loss when it comes to what I need. I've obviously decided I need the parka thing, the down vest and sweaters, but what else? I can obviously skip the sandals. Did you know it gets cold in Beijing? Something about the winds from the desert. I'm a wimp and I'm scared. And how much fibre-related stuff will I want to bring? How much will I need?

Alice came over the other day. She went to Beijing last winter. And she filled me in. Apparently "The Bookworm" is the place to be. And apparently my school is waaaay out there. :) Alice! I haven't lost any of the stuff yet! See?

Alice's Beijing stuff!

In other news, I sold my wheel. And my new one isn't here yet. See the void? Yes I haven't been able to put anything where my wheel used to live yet.


Just before the wheel went bye-bye, I frantically plied up what was left on the bobbins and got this.

Corriedale handspun

It's from a corriedale roving beautifully handpainted by Danielle. It's tightly spun and plied and sits at about 145 metres. Socks maybe? I have to finish spinning the rest of it up though.

Today will be spent thinking about wool and babysitting Alex. Alex is my sister's tamagotchi.

Babysitting Alex

He's looking rather happy.


Stefaneener said...

I like the wheel shrine. And, as always, I'm agog at your spinning. When is someone going to come here and teach me? Aaaaaiiieeee.

I'm sure you'll do fine packing.

bitterbabe said...


Alex looks well behaved.

Answers to your questions!

Don't bring too much clothes - you can just buy them there. When you arrive in Beijing you will be SO HOT YOU WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT YOU. I repeat, you will be so hot you won't know what hit you and you will be cursing your parka. CURSING it and enshrining TANK TOPS. Ok, 2nd of all, bring BRAN, FIBRE, OATMEAL, whatever you need b/c it is EXPENSIVE OVER THERE. I wish I had brought Quakers instant oatmeal and sunmaid raisins. You have a kichen in your dorm right? Bring a can opener, KD, and everything else you can fit. Bring as much dry food as you can b/c for the LOVE OF GOD you will CURSING yourself like I did when you are eating MARS bars for breakfasts. That said, they have EXCELLENT CONGEE for breakfast as well!