Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Because I'm slow....

I feel guilty about creating a post without posting pictures too. After all, I'm infinitely more drawn to posts with pictures, so why shouldn't anyone else be? So if you want photos, you should go see Trillian's blog and say hi (she was my Knittyboard downstream SP and I'm so sad that the last package is gone - there's something about buying for someone you know will be stoked about the package). Or you could go compliment C at Rose Read on her pretty pretty shoes (pics of shoes, honeys! Hot shoes too!). Or you could look at pictures of a snake eating a kangaroo. Brad informed us that this type or snake could very well eat a human too - if you were handcuffed and it was hungry, you might want to stay away from it.

But if you're sticking around to read this, WOW. I admire you. Can I hug you? I've got a couple of WIPs going that I hope will be FOs soon. Baby Bobbi Bear just needs ears, a face and a neck. However I hate sewing so that little fact may delay the WIP to FO conversion rate (mmmm... Science talk.... *swoon*).

I'm also finished a Jaywalker in Lorna's Laces and am progressing on the second. However I HAVE A HOLE IN MY HEEL. This is very upsetting as I haven't ever had a hole. This may be because I usually pick up two stitches between the heel and instep. I thought I was being overly paranoid. I had heard about people only picking up one stitch. So I decided to try it. I failed. That's okay. People fail sometimes. I can fail too.... sure....... I'm a big person. I can take defeat. Even from a weenie sock heel.

Amazingly enough, that's all I have on the needles right now. Of course ends still need to be woven in on the mass of yarn that is the Luna Lace Skirt but yeah... (see note about sewing above)

I do have another crazy story. It seems like my life is all crazy stories nowadays. Eric and I were crossing the street just outside home. The little "walk" dude was on and everything. But this guy is really itching to turn left past us. He tried to beat us to the crosswalk but Eric's a fast walker and he just couldn't pull it off. Unfortunately for car dude, I'm a slow walker. But apparently that doesn't matter because he decides to come accelerating at me anyway. He enters the crosswalk about 1 foot away from me, Eric turns around and yells, "What the ****?" while waving the umbrella at him. Car guy FLIPS OUT. He flies out of the car and runs towards us. Yelling, "What's your problem? What do you think you are doing? What's your problem?" Uhhh... you just about hit me? If I wasn't walking faster I'd likely be badly injured or dead?

Eric's obviously not going to have some frantic yelling dude grabbing him so he tries to keep him away with the umbrella. No dice. Guy latches on to umbrella and refuses to let us go. Security guard from the construction site across the street runs over and asks what happened. I tell him car guy almost ran me over and now is wondering why we were upset. He tries to separate them. No dice. Car guy does not want to be separated from Eric. (Eric's that charming, really. ;) ) I go over and try to get them separated. Car guy then proceeds to grab my wrist. Hard. I'm not impressed obviously. I look at him, lower my pitch (I'm bloody high-pitched) and growl, "Let me go." He continues yelling, "What's your problem?" I repeat, "Let me go." I tell him to let me go five times before I have to make him let me go (yay me for remembering how to make someone let me go!!!). I'm not impressed. Neither is security guard.

Security guard finally gets the two of them separated and then car guy unbelievably goes to car to get cell phone so he can call the police. I may have laughed. "You want to call the police? That's great. If you want to talk to them, I'd LOVE to talk to them." Car guy lunges at Eric again. Grabs Eric's jacket and refuses to let him go. Eric is pretty pissed at this point. So he whacks him with the umbrella. This is the vegetarian. Who doesn't eat meat because it's mean. And doesn't like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels because it's too violent. (It's not real, dear. It's all pretend, darling.) Eric just wants to go at this point. Security guard wants him to let us go so we can leave. I want to stay and chat with the police.

This was a few days ago. It was crazy. But I'm proud of myself. I know how to break a dude's grip on me. Okay, okay. So he was little. And in a fight, I'd probably win. I'm a scrapper. And now thinking about how he wanted to call the cops... I'm grinning.

I seriously should do a crazy story of the week installment or something. What can I say? I'm surrounded by nutsos (and yes, that includes you, Eric dear.)

'Til next time, when I get my act together and take some pictures....

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