Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At war with the whole commitment thing

I thought I might have a problem with this whole commitment thing and apparently I do. Two weeks and no update! Honestly! If some of the people whose blogs I stalk were not to update in two weeks, I'd be having a fit by now!

On a related note, commitment issues are showing up elsewhere... I had been good for a while, after my last post I had no WIPs. Can you imagine? No WIPs. (Of course there are those that still need to be blocked, but we will ignore that miniscule detail.) I had frogged the ones that weren't making me happy. I had woven in all ends. I was free to start a new project. So I did. I cast on for my faroese shawl (pattern from Heartstrings) using my ColourMartUK fingering weight cashmere. I progressed well. It was the only thing that I knit for the first few days. Then the garter sections started getting longer. And they got longer. And longer. Progress has stalled.

Cashmere faroese shawl

I got an order in from Red Bird Knits. They had 1.5mm DPNs and 1.75mm DPNs in stock! Yay! All I was getting when I knit my Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock with 2.00mm DPNs was 28 sts/4 in. Floppy. Not sturdy enough for socks. But my new needles came in (and is Robyn from Red Bird Knits fantastic or what?) and I happily cast on my Lorna's Laces. But I had issues. Oh did I have issues. I cast on 74 sts for Grumperina's Jaywalker socks. The Lorna's Laces split into one side pink and purple, the other orange. Yuck. Rip rip rip... I cast on 72 sts for Knitty's Pomatomus (why do I feel compelled to say Potatomous?). The difference in number of stitches wasn't enough to save it. Grrr. As punishment, Irving Park is sitting in a time out until it behaves or the inept user finds an interesting sock pattern that will work for it, whichever comes first - don't hold your breath folks. (And yeees... the author is open to suggestions.)

Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock Irving Park

Because of troubles with those socks, I decided a change of pace was needed, hence:

Socks in OnLine Supersock

Ahhhh miles of numbingly boring stockinette. Who needs sedatives when you have stockinette?


Sarah said...

Great socks! I've made a pair in the exact same colour of that OnLine yarn and am halfway through another pair in a different colourway. Do you find that you have a lot left over?

Brittany said...

Thanks so much! I LOVE that colourway! I did have a bit left over! It's a cute little ball about 6, 7 cm in diameter? I need to post an FO pic! Bad Brittany, bad!