Monday, January 08, 2007

On obsessions...

Eric referred one of his car nerd friends over to my flickr account the other day to show them pictures of him in China. They evidently browsed through all the other pictures that I have up there and noticed all the knitting. And they commented to him about it.

You have no idea how embarrassed I was to know that someone he knows was looking through the pictures that I had posted of things that I had knit and things that I was knitting. You see, my friends know that I knit. Some of his friends also know that I knit. They know about projects that I knit, even though they may not understand them (like the socks that I knit for Eric). But this is the first one that's found out that I'm obsessed enough with my knitting to take pictures of it. Not only do they now know that I take pictures of them, they now know that I'm obsessed enough that I post them on the Internet.

I think the oddest aspect of this whole thing is that I'm very private in real life; not a lot of people know about what happens in my home life. Not a lot of people know how obsessed I am with my knitting. That all changes on the blog though. In my eyes, my blog is very, "Look at meeeeee!" I want everyone to oooh and ahhh at all the projects that I'm working on. Apparently I'm an attention whore.

Gah. Bringing it back to the original reason for the post: it turns out that the friend's boyfriend knits. Hopefully they didn't look at my profile on flickr. If they did, they found out about the blog. And then they really know how neurotic I am.

This is (hopefully) uploaded again by the DSO. (Yup'... DSO in full-effect, yo'.)

P.S. Since my last knitting post, I have completed the Koigu socks, finished the bottom of Mariah and need to join for the yoke, finished one sock of a pair of socks for Eric and am on my last repeat of chart one of Icarus. See how limited Internet access increases productivity? ;)


Areli said... sounds like some limited internet time would do me do knitting good, too. I know what you mean about people finding out about the knitting obsession, it's kind of embarassing when other people know how addicted I am.

jen said...

That's the key! No more internet = scads of knitting erupting from my fingers. And I thought I was getting smart for unplugging the t.v., but I'm just replacing it with the internet. Looking forward to seeing some of the finished items!