Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Help! (The one where we plead with those more seasoned knitters for advice.)

I've been caught up in settling in in the new digs, in the new city. We finally had the first day of Chinese classes, so it's kind of nice not sitting waiting anymore. Not to say that I haven't done anything. I met up with a few friends and went to the Summer Palace. That photo looks a little odd because I've tweaked it so much (click the image for the Flickr page, which has a few more photos). The pollution that day was positively horrendous.

Summer Palace

I've been knitting too. I've gotten a fair way into my Somewhat Cowl, but I tried it on and the little nagging doubt I had about inseam length turned into a larger doubt.

Somewhat cowl?

Looking at it head on leads me to think that it's kind of okay (and holy smokes my arm looks a lot skinnier than it really is). But look. Doesn't that sleeve look a little loose and floppy to you? Let's take a closer look at the armpit. (This is where we emphasise how much we miss the significant other, not only for the fact that he takes better photos of my armpit than I do... or so I'd assume. Seriously, look at those photos!)

Oops #2

That's looking like it'll be fairly floppy, no? So can someone (or preferably someones) more experienced in the top-down raglaning give me a little advice? What do I do? Will this sort itself out? Or should I cut my losses, frog back and shorten the inseam? If you recommend I do the latter, how much should I shorten it by? (Thank you thank you thank you!)

In order to distract my self from what I have convinced myself is the impending doom, I've been studying and spinning (it's merino roving, for what it's worth).



bradyphrenia said...

i made this sweater. i believe that wendy addressed the batwings issue in the pattern. she originally used a standard size for the raglan inseam that a lot of people thought was too big.

when i make top-down raglans (which is almost always) i try it on frequently and stop increasing when the edges meet under your armpit. it shouldn't be too baggy underneath b/c that will end up being your arm circumference...make sense?

of course i don't know if you'll have issues with that affecting the bust size. my bust is nonexistent, so i don't have to add short rows, but if yours is more substantial you might.

so in short, i'd frog back but make sure it will still fit you in the bust.

hope this helps!

Stefaneener said...

You don't possibly have a raglan that fits well to measure, do you?

jen said...

I am gracefully sidestepping the question that boggles my mind and ogling your spinning and becoming very jealous instead. My wheel is in storage.... sob....

Sarah said...

Nice spinning!

Merino is great isn't it?

Ah, maybe I'll have a merino sheep one day...