Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bad blogger.... but with updates.... and a move?

So yes, I've been lazy the last little while. I haven't updated this sucker in ages. And it was partly to do with the fact that I haven't actually finished anything in a while, but also because I've been busy. My baby sis has come to our side of the Pacific for a visit! And I call her my baby sister but she really isn't anymore. Somehow, she comes over and she's tall and skinny and looks like a kid, not a baby or toddler that I remember. But she's still as demanding as ever. "When can you sleep over? When are you coming over next? What can we play?" And she still calls me when she's upset. And she still treats me like gold (better than she treats our brother).

I had to abandon the girlie for a couple of days though. Eric and I took another trip to Leavenworth, WA. He was into it mainly for some car thing and I went along for the ride. (Psst! Did you know they had a yarn store in Leavenworth?)

We did take a detour through Sketchville, USA though. Eric informs me that Kirkland, WA isn't really sketchville. But I guess we were lucky. We went to check in at the Motel 6 (I know I know I know! We were ASKING for trouble!) and while we were checking in, some woman wanders in and asks how much it is for a room. Okay. Fair enough. There is a sign just there with the rates, but people don't really read signs. So she gets quoted a price. And then she asks how much it would be for the hour.... To be fair, she got told to try somewhere else, but I was still feeling sketched out by the room. So much so that later in the evening, when Eric went to grab something from the car and was gone for ten minutes, I started freaking out so much that I went out to find him. And when I found him chatting with a couple of people he knew, he got a thrashing with the purse.

For our part, the trip was for the most part uneventful. There was a scare on the way to Leavenworth and it was discussed (I believe) here. I wouldn't suggest reading it unless you're keen on reading about stupid driving though.

I do have a little bit of fibre-related goodness though. I can't find my camera (Eric! Where's my camera?) so this post will unfortunately be picture-less, but when I find it..... I am thisclose to finishing my paisley shawl. Who knew a picot bind-off would take so long though? It's two steps forward, one step back. I also got a new spindle, which I am in love with. I think I may need to get another. Especially since it looks like I may be parting ways with my spinning wheel for a while. I'm going to be moving. To China. For a year. I'm ridiculously nervous. Can anyone give me advice on Beijing?


Trillian42 said...

What? You're going to China! Wow - what are you doing there?

Rose said...

Wow... what an adventure! I'd love to be able to pack up and move somewhere for a year.

Karen said...

China! I SOOOO want to visit. I don't know about live, but definitely visit. Why would you be moving?

And I'd take REAL good care of your wheel for you while you were away..... :)

Stefaneener said...

Well . . . that's exciting. No advice; I have cousins who have been there. I bet there are lots of expat sites with helpful forums, though.