Sunday, June 18, 2006

An ode to Sarah (and other fibery goodness)

I love Sarah. Sarah is the greatest purveyor of Jaggerspun Zephyr that ever existed. Visit her eBay store. Contact her. She'll hook you up good. Some while ago, I bought a gigantic cone of black off of her. Then the knittyboard buzz started. And I double-checked and yes, this was the same seller. I got in touch with her, mentioned my uncertainty about colours and she offered to send me snips. I was a dolt and gave her the wrong address and she sent them again without any question. I got the samples and finally placed an order. Friday evening I came home to the greatest package. Two cones of Zephyr in indigo and mulberry (the monster cone of black is what I got from her the first time).

Zephyr stash

I'm particularly floored by her service since a few days before I asked her about colours, I emailed The Woolery about shipping costs for a zephyr colour card. Three weeks later, yesterday or the day before (my memory is like a sieve) I get a reply. Saying that shipping to Canada for a colour card will be more than the cost of the colour card itself. I would have chalked that up to weird company policy rather than really bad service if it hadn't taken three weeks for them to get back to me. For an internet-based business? Really???

The black is what I'm working my
Print o' the Wave Stole in. I'm planning on a shawl for mummy using the indigo, and I honestly don't know what I'm doing with the mulberry yet, other than fondling it.

I've made some progress with my knitting. The paisley lace shawl thing is growing. And because you really want to see a picture of unblocked lace... ;)

Paisley shawl thing progress

I'm also spinning with my new Ashford top whorl. I like the speed of the top whorl (all I had before were bottom whorl spindles) but I think I need something even lighter than the small Ashford top whorl. I'll update you if one comes in.

Spinning progress

Yes, that orange is truly neon. It's some coopworth that I dyed with kool-aid. It was brighter than I expected, so I dyed up some pink and I think I'll ply them together. Hopefully this will result in a subtler heathered lace to cobweb weight.

I'm going to lunch with daddy's daddy and dinner with mummy's daddy today. Because daddy is miles away. Today is one of those days that I miss my mummy and daddy and the baby sis. My kiddo is coming soon though. July the 2nd. And she might be coming sans teeth. She's informed me that three of her teeth are wobbly. Her first loose teeth. How did she grow up so fast?


Briar said...

I love the color you're using on your paisley lace shawl!

I finished mine a few months ago in a variegated yarn color, which was kind of nice, but kind of distracting. Still, it was my first lace, so it wasn't perfect, anyway :)

Anyway, I just wanted to say I love your pictures. Fabulous knitting.

Stefaneener said...

Love the shawl, am in awe of your spinning.

I miss my sister when she's not around -- even now, when we are only losing teeth to the dentist!

dan said...

Your spindle spun yarn is quite impressive (cool color, too). I have an Ashford top whorl, too, but have given in to only using my Ashford Traditional for spinning anymore.

I won't even talk about those cones of yarn... because it would mostly revolve around the concept of jealousy.

Areli said...

I love the Paisley Lace Shawl it's so pretty. I can't wait to see yours!
And look at all your pretty Zephyrs, gorgeous.