Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reason 87435 why not to graft in the dark...

It all starts when the SO decides he wants to watch TV. "Lets watch an episode of the X-files."

You're feeling cocky and confident. "I'm really comfortable with kitchener stitch. I can do it while watching a sci-fi drama show. Do I need the light on in the other side of the room? Nah. I'm good."

Then you get to here:

Bad sign

And you think, "Hmmm... That's odd. I've got 14 stitches on the bottom needle and 15 on the top. And I know I had the same number of stitches on each needle when I started." And then it hits you. Crap. You've messed up somewhere.

So you decide to go back and tighten up the stitches (I like to graft loosely, then go back and tighten the stitches, so that I can match the stitches in the rest of the knitting). And then you see this:


It's hard to see what went wrong there, but I'll tell you. Somehow, I've managed to graft 2 stitches on the bottom to 1 stitch on the top. I must have forgotten to drop one of the stitches in the top in the grafting process.

Luckily, the new Harlot arrived in the mail yesterday. I abandoned the grafting. That's something that I'll have to face today.

As a side note, I thought kitchener stitch wouldn't be so bad. And on 16 live stitches at the toe of a sock, it isn't. But with 108 stitches on the bottom needle and the same amount on the top.... *eyes glaze over*


Stefaneener said...

That's a lot o'grafting. Good for you for taking it on.

I hope you can rally and undo and redo (you know, undoing and redoing seem to take up a good portion of my knitting time) and also enjoy the book.

jen said...

Oh, you poor thing!

That would about make me cry. So what's the verdict? Are you going to redo? Or..... if you're lazy like me, you can try sewing in that wayward stitch and forget the whole thing ever happened.

Kathy S. said...

That's a lot of stitches to graft. I wouldn't have done as well even in the light.

jen said...

Sorry to double comment like some sort of a blogging hussy, but I just noticed you asked me a question in my entry about the cheap fibre place.... Shipping was $9 CAD, so getting just one pound probably wasn't a swift move. I just wanted to try it out and not have three pounds of questionable quality fibre for my husband to trip over for the next five years before it finally ends up being passed around in a thrift store from one employee to the next as they try to answer that mostly rhetorical question, 'What was she thinking?'

Y'know? :)